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Michel Rojkind and Callaghan Horiuchi + Marlon Blackwell Architects

Bentonville, Arkansas, United States

December 2022


Marlon Blackwell Architects (Design Architect and Architect of Record)


Studio NYL (Façade), Engineering Consultants, Inc. (Strucutral), HFA (Civil/MEP), Taylor & Miller (Lighting Designer), Desman (Parking Consultant


City Center LLC


Timothy Hursley


Ledger, a six-story, 230,000 sq ft building in the heart of downtown Bentonville is designed for work and play and stands out for both its human-centered approach and its thoughtful considerations of the environment and the surrounding community.

With 3,900 feet of bikeable paths and tiered outdoor gathering spaces, the Ledger is an expression of its community and their ambitions. Unlike a traditional office building, where pedestrian activity is limited to the ground floor, the Ledger spreads this activity across the entire facade via a bikeable switchback path. The path is interspersed by a series of terraces that provide access to each floor of the building. This vertical streetscape creates both unique spaces for human interaction as well as visually compelling glimpses into the building and out to the city and Ozarks beyond. Pre-weathered copper paneling is utilized as a continuous folded ribbon along the path, transforming into planters at the terraces. The organic nature of the copper will cause the facade to subtly shift in color and tone throughout the building’s life.

The project serves as a civic connector between the commercial and arts corridors of the community and blurs the separation of the interior environment and the outdoors. A glass and copper exterior, accessible switchback paths, terraces, outdoor access on each floor, flexible workspaces, retail shops, and an extensive public art program combine to create a building that is rooted in and reflective of its community.


Emerging as the “Mountain Biking Capital of the World” Bentonville, Arkansas has become a regional destination for the sport. The city’s infrastructure is composed of a constellation of mountain biking trails and parks interconnected by a network of paved bike lanes and shared streets. Situated two-blocks from the historic downtown square, the Ledger emerges from the groundswell of biking culture in the region to serve as a new community hub and vibrant vertical neighborhood featuring shopping, offices, and events spaces. Inspired by the natural beauty of Northwest Arkansas and the bluff lines of the Ozarks. The project extends the sidewalk six stories into the air, the ramps are free and open to the public inviting cyclists and pedestrians to the sixth-floor terrace which offers a generous overlook of downtown Bentonville.


Ledger’s successes are two-fold, its host of programs have continually engaged and reached out to the community offering everything from morning yoga classes to hosting registrations for local cycling races. It boasts an extensive public art program featuring over 200 pieces of original art, including a large-scale work by Stefan Sagmeister and works created by local artists in partnership with Creative Arkansas Community Hub & Exchange. The terraces and ramps have become extensions of the city where one can often find, cyclists, joggers, and dog walkers meandering their way up the building. It raises expectations of what an office building should be, rooted in and reflective of its community.

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