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2018 MCHAP.emerge

GG House

Juan Alfonso Garduno Jardon

Queretaro, Mexico

December 2016


Ana Isabel Gonzalez


Octavio Perez (General Constructor )


Familia Garduño Jardón


Familia Garduño Jardón


The project is designed to not require cooling or heating systems. the 30-centimeter walls, the insulated windows and the configuration of the windows that generate cross-air circulations and hide from the direct sun beam allow the project the null requirement of active thermal control systems. The house has on the ground floor with the public areas plus the garage and kitchen, on the top floor is the private area and service area, being in the basement floor a guest room.


Located on the edge of a ravine, the house isolates itself from the neighbors and opens onto the landscape of the ravine. While its thermal and acoustic qualities pay to habitability, it is its density and texture that build the experience of the journey that connects the threshold with the landscape.


Appearing monolithic and isolated from the street, Casa Campanario opens up to the ravine at the rear of the house. Its density and texture construct the spatial experience of the procession that connects interior to landscape. Rammed-earth blocks are fabricated on-site and are the house’s primary source of material exploration. The blocks are modular and can be configured to introduce lattices, openings for light, texture, and acoustic ceilings; they are also easily carved to take on a more dynamic form. The thermal and acoustic qualities of this type of construction add to the comfort of the house.

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