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Valle San Nicolás - Clubhouse

Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

Santa Teresa Tiloxtoc, Mexico

January 2021


Javier Sordo Madaleno de Haro


Fernando Sordo Madaleno de Haro, Boris Pena, Luis Pucheta, Santiago Letona, Alba Díaz


Alejandro Nehme Name


Rafael Gamo


Following the guiding idea of a subtle and friendly approach between architecture and nature, the Clubhouse was conceptualized in reference to a boat anchored in the lake, as if it were floating on the water.

In volumetric terms, it is resolved by means of a circular floor plan fragmented around its radius to distribute and modulate the different areas and amenities it contains. This programmatic strategy is made visible in the voids and solids created by the internal bodies of water as they merge with the lake and the walls that rise from the bottom of the lake


Valle San Nicolás is a development on the outskirts of Valle de Bravo in the State of Mexico. It offers a privileged site for the new 370-hectare residential development, where the urban layout and every architectural element are designed in harmony with nature and with the aim of protecting the existing landscape.

Throughout the complex, spaces of relaxation and wellbeing are offered for residents, enhancing the connection with and enjoyment of the natural surroundings. These include the Clubhouse and the 800-meter waterski lake set at the lowest point on the masterplan, taking advantage of the rainwater runoff.

The natural conditions of Valle San Nicolás were explored to better understand how the two most prominent natural elements—the mountain and the lake—could converge and relate to each other through a work of architecture. This point of encounter gave rise to the Clubhouse as the main place for socializing.


Two rings, one inner and one outer serve as open corridors to move around the building and enjoy near-360-degree-views of the landscape. However, a lower central passageway also shortens journey distances and leads directly to the main deck, with its bar and TV room, before culminating in the floating pool.

Divided by this central passageway, the east side of the Clubhouse contains the dining area, barbecue, kitchen, and related services. The west side, meanwhile, houses the gym, spa cabins with outdoor jacuzzi, as well as changing rooms with steam room and sauna.

The construction system used for the Clubhouse is one of cross-laminated timber (CLT), with exposed beams and columns designed in short spans with a radial distribution reflecting the circular volume, and stone walls housed in wooden frames that serve to anchor the volume in the lake.

The interiors deploy natural materials that match the structural timber elements. A Kebony deck, volcanic stone, and an American red oak roof are just some of the finishes used to harmoniously reflect the surroundings.

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