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Echeñique 46 Building

Talhouk + Arquitectos Asociados

Santiago, Chile

December 2018


Pablo Talhouk + Andrés Briones


Pascuala Beckett, Daniela Niechi, Franco Marresse, Matías Marquez, Margarita Carrasco, Daniela López, Mario Romero, Florencia Carvajal, Erick Marin, Allan Ubilla, Alejandra Sanchez, Saskia Bruin, Constanza Andrade, Camilo Calderón, Nelson Hochstetter, Freddy Lagos, YB arquitectos, DIIP, Felipe Edwards, Luis soler


Surmonte Inmobiliaria


Nicolás Saieh


Our strategy was to build a volume that would take advantage of the maximum possible perimeter, complying with the distances required by local regulations, and at the same time freeing the center of the project to build a second interior façade. The outer perimeter ensured the maximum possible light intake and therefore the maximum number of habitable rooms, and the inner patio allowed the creation of a continuous circulation connected with the units through a new space, not asked in the room schedule by the client, composed of several layers and transparencies transfers the idea of the front gardens present in the houses to an apartment building. The patio, which reaches the underground level, allow the planting of trees and at the same time it permit ventilation of the parking lots.

On the other hand, the combination between the patio and its circulations, makes the experience of arrival to your home through a quality living experience instead of the typical corridor that the buildings on the real estate market have, and creates a certain surprise for visitors entering the street because without being perceived, it seems that one enters the second level, and make the apartments on the first level have the same quality as those on the upper floors.

These decisions: Occupy the maximum perimeter, create an empty center surrounded by circulations with a green patio and the creation of an intermediate space between the circulations and the unit was aimed at the idea of bringing the benefits of the house to an apartment.


Echeñique 46 building (Surmonte real estate company) is an apartment building for sale in a residential area of Santiago. The main requirement from the client was to sell the maximum possible square meters and incorporate the types of units that the market studies had defined as suitable for that area. For us, of course, we were motivated to meet these requirements, but we also wanted to make a building in which people had a good life. This is why our attention focused on the public spaces and circulations of the project knowing that in a collective housing building, the daily experience in how you get to your home makes a huge difference.


The project has positively affected the neighbourhood. It is a building of only 5 floors, which is buried one meter to give a more appropriate scale with the neighbors. On the other hand, the access control is in the building, so the entire front yard is a gift to the community. There is seating, bike racks and a garden that connects to the public sidewalk.

Inside, the new inhabitants have been conquering the spaces in between the access to their homes with vegetation, bicycles, benches, lights and all kinds of ornaments, generating a diversity that enriches the view and the walk. From time to time, parents can be seen strolling their babies, going round and round the courtyard, and chatting with those who cross their path. The facades of the building have been kept tidy and unchanged, which in our opinion speaks of a respect for the architecture where they live.

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