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A4estudio / Arqs. Leonardo Codina y Juan Manuel Filice

Mendoza city, Argentina

January 2018


Leonardo Codina


Leticia Martinez


Pedro Bugatti


Luis Abba Fernández


It was decided to organize the house by pavilions, these could be integrate or keep like independents according to different scenes of diary life.
A first pavilion would resolve common life of all members organizing main living room, dining room, kitchen, services and wine cellar. A second pavilion would accommodate at marriage organizing even that a main bedroom with bathroom and dressing room, an additional space that would allow autonomy moments respect the rest of house with a small living and an office.
The third pavilion would accommodate mother and her two kids organizing three suites and a living room/playroom.These three pavilions are connected by a central space that integrates, being at the same time the access hall house and connecting with a gallery and the exterior garden. Through this space three pavilions are integrate or close allowing different interactions.
Finally, a fourth pavilion resolve with an independent access barbecue place and garage.
Once considered lateral distances and with neighborhood imposition of develop leaning roofs, defined one piece that with cloisters typology show your higher height to exterior perimeter and your smaller height to center. Over this piece started operations of subtraction to get the different pavilions, access yard, main garden and intermediate yard.
A concrete’s base resolve the existent 90 centimeters slope between both streets getting a continuous and level relations stratum to make easier the movements into the house and giving possibility to the transit of a wheelchair.


The house’s locate in a private neighborhood to west of Mendoza city in direct relation with piedmont and far views to the city. The terrain of 20 meters front and 50 meters long has exit at two streets to north and south.
The challenge was to solve a complex program achieving an architectural solution that integrates passive bioclimatic solutions with the purpose of achieving the greatest comfort and habitability with the lowest energy use possible.
The family consists of a married couple with a daughter, who is a single mother, has difficulty walking, and who in turn has five-year-old twins.


In terms of functionality, the 4 pavilions coexist and interact through the treatment of their facades, each family has both private and common views and the study of light entering the house works correctly.
The house has a treatment in the 4 facades, which respond to each orientation, as well as to the architectural programs.

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