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2016 MCHAP

Minimod Catucaba, Fazenda Catucaba’s Landscape Exploration

MAPA Arquitetos

Catucaba, Brazil

August 2015


MAPA Arquitetos




Emmanuel Rengade


Leonardo Finotti


MINIMOD is not a finished project, they can be created as many as we are able to imagine! A system of combinable modules, allows the customer to select the combination that best suit their needs from base floor plan layouts to the optional finishes and final fit out. It enjoys an incomparable adaptability to different landscapes and human interaction: the concept lends itself to both ends of the spectrum, from simple urban & rural applications to the most extreme compact mountain shelter or remote tropical beach retreat. In the same way, MINIMOD aims to be an alternative to traditional construction, incorporating the benefits that a newly-born industry has to offer, perfectly combining the industrialized products efficiency, the sustainability of new technologies and the sensitivity of the natural material par excellence. Finally, as plug&play device --one that comes ready to connect and use without further complications-- steps required to install a MINIMOD are simple and quick, becoming more accurate, faster, cleaner and, above all, environmentally responsible.


MINIMOD is a systemic open-exploration. It shows up as the primitive retreat with a contemporary reinterpretation. A device that connects us to our deepest roots: nature, landscape and our time. It´s dense and compact design dialogue with each and every site, presenting a minimalist addition and making each landscape accessible, plausible to be understood, explored and respected. Quiet but not shy, it puts aside protagonism to explore this new pure experience where man meets landscape: an invitation to inhabit the border between nature and artificial environment. MINIMOD exploration started in 2009 and still goes on. It`s very first prototype was constructed in Porto Alegre and installed in a lakeside in the southern wild landscapes. Happily, since then, quite a lot of new places have been explored. Both projects here presented belong to a new MINIMOD generation which inquires the idyllic Fazenda Catuçaba. This old Fazenda is located in the east of São Paulo Estate surrounded by a chain of coastal mountains. With undulating landscapes and dense vegetation, its captivating views invites to be explored. Catuçaba`s MINIMODs move away from the old central house and seek the perfect terrain for being introduced. On top of a hill, on the edge of a small pond, near a stream or on the bottom of a valley; each adapts to its new landscapes to empower them.


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