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Muelle de San Blas

Colectivo C733

San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico

April 2022


Gabriela Carrillo (Partner), Eric Valdez (Partner)


Sofía Pavón (Design Team), Labg + GIEE (Structural Design), Taller de Paisaje Hugo Sánchez (Landscape Design), Constructora Gurria y Asociados (Contractor), Enrique Zenon (Electrical and mechanical engineering


SEDATU - Agricultural, Territorial and Urban Development Secretary. Municipality of San Blas, Nayarit.


Rafael Gamo + Albers Studio


The regeneration of the area in order to connect the former high security prison on the Maria Island transformed the San Blas locality into a vibrant community. With this project the area is set to recover its transport vocation offering the additional infrastructure for contemporary use. The project was inspired by the ancient local wooden boats, the historical memory of the “Gods eyes” of the Wixarikas tribes and the Nayarit reservoir with its water landscapes, flora and mangroves. This led to the construction of a 1700 m2 hangar that shelters waiting areas, dining courts, and a multi purpose areas course. The structure is composed of light metal frames and a double layer eucalyptus wooden skin.


The pier is located in the San Blas community which held the Spanish expeditions for the northern Pacific exploration throughout the 16th century, as well as the commercial route of the Manila Galleon up to the 19th century. At ground level and forming a public park of more than 14,000 m2, a composition of lines with water bodies that promote freshness and refreshment for visitors, accompanied by rain gardens with tulle and local stone and passages that move inspired by waves and boats, creating leisure spaces and waiting areas under the shade of new and existing trees, or under hammock porticoes defined by local clay structures.


The public space that surrounds the project is over 14000 m2 and it is composed by straight lines of gushing and running water to enhance the environmental freshness for the user comfort. This is accompanied by trees shadows with recreational and resting spaces. In an urban scale the pier is part of the municipal master plan of San Blas. The collective also participated with the interventions of the cultural center and the community main square, all of which are connected by a pedestrian way. The proposal is meant to give to the community a new space for the local people as well as a touristic infrastructure site that strengthens the economy of the area and at the same time offers recreational spaces, youth public spaces and commercial areas.

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