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Centro de Desarrollo Comunitario

CCA Centro de Colaboración Arquítectónica

Jalpa de Méndez, Tabasco, Mexico

January 2023


Bernardo Quinzaños Oria (CEO and Creative Director)


Santiago Vélez (Construction Director), Begoña Manzano (Operations Director), Andrés Suárez (Studio Manager), Miguel Izaguirre (Lead Architect), José Fernando Orozco González - TRASGO (Contractor


SEDATU - Secretaría de Desarrollo Agrario, Territorial y Urbano (Ministry of Agrarian, Territorial, and Urban Development)


Jaime Navarro


The Community Development Center (CDC) is a cultural and educational space that offers more inclusive development opportunities for the local community.

The project was conceived as a habitable sculptural piece, with an architectural program composed of workshops, multi-purpose rooms, a library, an auditorium, and an administrative area. These are developed through a simple structure, composed of eight monumental concrete panels perforated with semicircular arches.

The perforations in the concrete panels create the necessary void for an interior garden, providing an urban oasis with a pleasant microclimate. The central garden concentrates the core of the work, a vibrant space that allows for interesting views from inside the building.

As a local identity mark, orange-toned concrete was used, evoking the color of the regional quarry present in the balustrade of the main arcade of the historic center of Jalpa de Méndez. This choice also responds to the region’s climate, reflecting the warmth and avoiding the accumulation of humidity.

The design offers a modern reinterpretation of the ancient conventual structures that characterize Mexican architectural history. The semicircular arches present in the structure represent a contemporary update that not only contributes to the architectural design but also favors air circulation and the entry of natural light into the interior of the building.

The proposal has become an iconic symbol within the Jalpa de Méndez community, offering a valuable space to foster social gatherings and events.


With the aim of revitalizing the public life of Jalpa de Méndez, Tabasco, an urban master plan was designed for SEDATU, which renovated the city’s most representative public spaces: the High-Performance Sports Center, the “Manuel Vargas Izquierdo” Beisbol Stadium, the Recreational Park “El Campestre” and the Community Development Center (CDC), located in the last one mentioned.

The Recreational Park "El Campestre" and the Community Development Center (CDC) are situated on the northwest outskirts of the city, in an area where residential and urban services are sparse, and agricultural land uses predominate. Nearby, supermarkets, stores, banks, restaurants, among other amenities, can be found. The park's polygon is extensive, covering a total area of 42,200 m2, while the CDC site spans 3,000 m2.

After conducting the site visit, we found the park to be in good conditions, so it was proposed to carry out maintenance, tree planting, and equipment installation, recovering the sports areas and equipment that were in good condition.

A central pavilion is proposed to integrate the three parts of the park: Soccer Field, Basketball Court, and Baseball Field. Functioning as a multi-purpose space, serving as shade and seating for the baseball area, with versatile spaces for the care of children and youth, including a children's play area and an outdoor gymnasium.

The Park is one of the most relevant urban facilities for the community of Jalpa de Méndez. Currently, it is used as a fairground where events and festivals take place, attracting more than 70 thousand people.


The proposal unfolds across two levels. On the ground floor, a landscaped interior courtyard is envisioned, creating a microclimate and providing control over activities and occupants within the building. Within these interior spaces, meeting areas and unplanned community center activities take shape.

The construction facilitated an authentic exchange of knowledge with the local community, seamlessly blending design technologies with artisanal processes to introduce a new language into the constructive memory of the Tabasco landscape.
By engaging local workers, diverse construction knowledge intertwined, fortifying the project's connection with the Tabasco landscape. The participatory process resulted in a novel constructive language, fostering a sense of accomplishment, pride, and identity within the local community.

The Community Development Center (CDC) is a project dedicated to promoting participation, social, and cultural development in the community of Jalpa de Méndez, Tabasco. This initiative was part of SEDATU's Urban Improvement program in Jalpa de Méndez, Tabasco.

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