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Parque La Ruina's Bar

TAMEN arquitectura

Hermosillo, Mexico

January 2018


Alejandra Vidal


Andrea Azpe


Daniel Coppel


Alexander Potiomkin


The main idea of the project was to use the same derivative of the concept in which the park was built on, most of the ruins were renovated using top quality materials to make the consumer feel the history of the textile factory. Recovering mot of the structure situated in this location was a major vantage which was used in our favor, because of this, our project revolved around reusing and repurposing most of the materials found onsite which offered us a vintage look with modern amenities.
We used wood, stone and metal shielding, to recreate the same vibrant feel that this factory used in its operating days, making a transitional environment in which people of all ages could socialize in an open space nurtured by repurposing of the jobsite.


5 de Mayo suburb was a marginated area, that came to life with El Parque La Ruina, after its construction la 5 de Mayo came to life with a lot of small businesses like coworks, restaurants, cafes, and other creative spaces.


Bar la ruina is a milestone in Hermosillo, Sonora which became widely accepted in the community as one of its top places to visit in the city. The project was thoroughly analyzed and planed for roughly 100 diners at the same time in which customers can socialize, eat and drink.
The community surrounding Bar La ruina has become more active as a result of a well-executed and planned project which is now one of the most important places in Hermosillo, not only the project has bloomed from the inside but has affected in a positive way the community revolving this new hotspot, new businesses have emerged and it has become a place in which culture and local produce are one of the top priorities.

Bar la Ruina brings more than one thousand diners in a single night giving us an insight of how many people have accepted this new concept in our city.

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