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MN15 Ibirapuera

Königsberger Vannucchi

São Paulo, Brazil

December 2020


Gianfranco Vannucchi, Jorge Königsberger


Luciano Lima (Sr Architect - Technical Development), Burle Marx (landscape design), Gafisa (Development and Construction), JKMF Engenharia (Structural Engineering - Concrete Structure), Engebrat Consulting, Engineering and Projects S/C (Structural Engineering - Metallic Structure), Thermoplan Thermal Engineering (Climatization and Air Conditioning Project), Damasco Penna Geotechnical Engineering (Foundation Project), Senzi Lighting (Lighting Project), Akkerman Acoustic Projects (Acoustic Consulting), Inovatec Consultores Associados (Facade Consulting), Proassp Consultancy and Design (Waterproofing Consultancy), Studiolo Projects and Consulting (Security Consulting), Factor Projects (Design of Hydraulic / Electrical Installations), Cubic M3tro (Solar Heating), Solve (Pool), Ishida (Irrigation). Zize Zink (interior design),


Gafisa S.A.


Pedro Vannucchi


The project contains 14 housing units varying between 339 and 341 sqm, and one 573 sqm penthouse unit. The site occupation prioritizes the apartments orientation, taking advantage of the building linearity to both strongly engage with the surroundings and shelter all the communal uses present at the ground floor. A variety of activities and spaces devoted to collective uses, such as event room, pool, solarium, fitness area with squash court and spa and relaxing room, are distributed in three volumes occupying the extremities of the site in such a way that a central plaza becomes the heart of condominium life.

The floor plan distribution guarantees the best views, sunlight for longer periods, natural cross ventilation, and privileged location to the collective environments of domestic life, while still preserving the intimacy of inhabitants by clearly separating the bedrooms. The master suite gets extra lighting due to its double orientation, as well as the possibility of enjoying the exterior in its great balcony. All the habitable spaces, including the bathrooms have natural lighting and ventilation through the means of windows directly on the apartments’ façades.


MN15 is a high-end residential building in São Paulo, Brazil. The proximity to the most important park in São Paulo - Ibirapuera Park - is the key aspect for the concept development. This border condition defined two main goals to be achieved by the design: to take advantage from the superb visuals; and to extend the green surface, bringing the surrounding green to the footsteps and façades of the apartments, creating a unique living environment.


In terms of sustainability, the project contains solar panels in order to diminish energy consumption, presence sensor for turning light on and off in common areas, parking space for dry car washing, charging station for electric cars and rainwater harvesting system.

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