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LLV House

FLV Architects

Córdoba, Argentina

March 2019


Maria Cecilia Franco & Delfina Maria Lopez Villagra


Martina Lejarza, , , , maria cecili franco


Tomas Lambert


Gonzalo Viramonte


The house was built with local rugged materials, and designed to minimize waste and last a long time. The main materials used where brick and concrete which gave the house has an appearance halfway between traditional housing construction and a small industrial building. The main red color highlights and complements the green color of the surrounding nature.
Expansive ground floor living arranged inside a brick permeable shell provides a variety of functions, combining the needs of a public free-flow living area with the ability to compartmentalize in the private sectors. LLV House is a building that breathes, opening up to the wild environment but also maintaining privacy within its suburban setting creating the perfect space to inhabit for all stages of family life.


The challenge in this project was to design a compact and affordable house with local technology and connected to the environment. The house is located in a private neighborhood in the southern area of Córdoba. The site is adjacent to a green park of great landscape character granted by a river canal that crosses through the said neighborhood. It also has the particularity of presenting a difference in terrain level, which was taken as a starting point to project the layout of the house. In this way, the garage was arranged at a half level below the street and the rest of the house was arranged according to the ground floor, prioritizing a garden at level with the general floor plan. The connection between these levels and the street were made by ramps, a pedestrian ascending ramp towards the main entrance door; and another vehicular ramp descending towards the garage. The position of the house in the site is also regulated by the orientations and the views. The floor plan is enclosed by a permeable brick shell that provides a variety of functions, regarding the environment and the way we arranged the spaces.
Landscape connections were regulated by the permeability of the brick wall, making it more permeable where needed. This connections with the environment were created on multiple orientations to ensure options for all seasons and times of day while capturing views of the river canal.


The floor plan is divided into the private, the semi – private, and the public spaces. The brick wall adapts its permeability according to the different spaces to create boundaries between them to indicate the use. The public spaces of the house, were all arranged together creating a huge singular space with views to the main garden. This space has the possibility of sectorization through aluminum folding doors if it is considered necessary.

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