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Emergency Public Hospital in São Bernardo do Campo

spbr arquitetos

São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil

May 2020


Angelo Bucci


Sérgio Salles; Lucas Roca; Victor Próspero; Fábio Kassai.


Secretaria da Saúde de São Bernardo do Campo


Nelson Kon


The extensiveness of this public facility building, combined with the purpose of using the architectural event to promote citizenship and feeling of belonging through a door opened hospital that is part of the Brazilian Public Health System (called SUS), which is open for all, added to a careful consideration of its immediate urban context, specifically the over-width of the Avenue precisely coincident with the length of the building gave us the opportunity to suggest a public plaza along it. The suggestion has followed by a dialogue between health and transportation secretariats and, considering the original plan of the landscape designer, it could be partially implemented, hopefully as a seed to grow in a near future.


The Emergency Public Hospital is part of the municipal hospital complex and health facilities managed by the ABC Foundation. This hospital works as a door, an entrance to the complex of health facilities buildings. Its activities combine pediatric and adult hospitals which share some key support but working independently. As an emergency hospital its concept considers management of diseases classification through a triage process and patient flows using fast track principle.


The building was divided in two long volumes overlapped:
At the bottom, as a three storey high podium, measuring 185m and about 35m wide, was displayed (1) receptions and first care at the ground level, (2) surgery at the first floor and (3) mechanical and support at the second floor [usually displayed underneath, as a basement, in this case all these mechanical facilities were displaced up due to a shallow water table and to be safe considering to the historic level of flooding in that neighborhood.
On the top of this podium and still underneath the upper bar, as a pilotis, the administration office and educational program were displayed combined with a resting outside area for physicians and staff.
The upper volume, as a three storey bar, measuring 115m long and 15m wide, hosts 159 hospital beds for both pediatric and adult hospitalization.

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