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Alric Galindez Arquitectos

Los Polvorines, Malvinas Argentinas, Argentina

November 2020


Carlos Galindez, Santiago Alric


Natasha Rodríguez Mozetich


Hernan Lopez Mazzeo, Maria Amelia Mazzei


Fernando Schapochnik


The house condenses in it the concept of a weekend house. This makes it a house where it is important that it is low maintenance and that can be easily opened to live the outdoor spaces for moments of leisure and social gathering as well as closed during the week when it’s not being used.
Another objective for this house was making it sustainable focusing on light entry and protection from it, insulation from the outside climate and air circulation along the house.


The house is located on the outskirts of the city of Buenos Aires in a landscaped land where a pre-existing araucaria and an elm are the protagonists. The clients wanted a weekend house, making it important to be easy to maintain, to open and close and that it allows social gathering, where they can invite people and live the spaces all year round.


Bitelhaus is located perpendicular to the street, obtaining a northeast orientation, and generating a landscape incorporating the existing trees as protagonists.
It is organized in a linear volume where spaces are placed with the same hierarchy, in a sequence of environments in direct relationship to the outside. A semi-covered area with a grill as the protagonist functions as an entrance hall and works as an articulator, connecting the garden, living room and the multipurpose space/garage. In Argentina, the area containing the grill is a meeting point for gathering and usually you need to go through the house to enter it. This house having it turned around makes it easier to reach and places this space as a focus area of the house.
The house is covered on the outside with white pre-painted sheet metal with a system of mobile panels that makes it easy to open while the house is being used and closed during the week and night, providing protection. Between the linearity of the house and the mobile panel system, an interior-exterior relationship is generated in all spaces as well as indoor climate maintenance through cross ventilation, protection from the sun and insulation.
Bitelhaus uses different curvatures of barrel vaults along it to generate different environments and rhythm in the interior route as well as another source of light entry and air circulation.

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