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2016 MCHAP

Just BE

ARQMOV Workshop

Mexico City, Mexico

January 2015




Fabio Correa (Architect)



Rafael Gamo


Taking reference elements for the design of the building and incorporating to the architectural language gave us the opportunity to obtain our objectives; containing, isolating and connecting the user to the space and the urban context, experimenting in the search for materials that will not reflect in a high cost, obtaining the essence of the building itself by means of color, rhythm, texture and the battle between solids and voids that were determiners in achieving the desired form. We carried out geometric studies to resolve the wooden façade that gave way to a dynamic lattice of treated wood frames that will stand the test of time. The creation of a public space within a private building as a way of reflecting on how a city should be made in any way possible, contributing to the urban context, integrating to the urban skyline a multifunctional and clean element that is accepted and used by the people which is the reason for joy for the design.


The design brief required a minimum open area, which we solved by means of two voids with clearly defined functions: one that hosts the secondary access by means of vertical circulation (an open staircase) and supplies air flow, and another void that creates views towards the "Fondo de Cultura Economica" (an old & historic building in the context) and, at the same time, generates cross-ventilation to the interior of each apartment and allows natural light from all directions. We have also added internal balconies towards this inner void. The building floats over a basement level that houses the carpark. At the street corner we have created a small public space with an informal seating arrangement made up of marble cubes against a red tiled wall which lights up at night, creating a welcoming meeting place for the public. It is interesting to watch passers-by, whether on foot, by car or bike, interact with this space and with the active context surrounding it. The building responds well to the constant dynamics of the cultural, commercial and entertainment area that is Colonia Condesa.


The architectural proposal of this Project has given the final user the defined framework of ethereal elements, raw materials for interiorism, the evolution and occupancy depending on the personality of each occupant, that is why although we proposed a special configuration for the apartments, they have been adapted to the lifestyles, necessities and likes on each floor. That way we can see they have included an additional bedroom, a study and in the penthouse, the integration of a complete level which has a terrace and a game room. The use and identification of the urban space with useful and decorative elements has been an immediate process on site, the pedestrian makes the corner which both streets converge, their own. We created the scene, the necessity and the solution creating habit, culture and customs, that way we can say that if the space is inhabited it is accomplishing its objective.

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