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House in Itu

gruposp arquitetos

Itu, Brazil

March 2018


Alvaro Puntoni, João Sodré


Alexandre Mendes, Bruno Satin, Gabriela Villas-Bôas, Micaela Vendrasco, Ricardo Fróes, Paola Ornaghi, Benedictis Engenharia, Tomás Rebollo, Ricardo Heder, Andrés Sandoval


Rodrigo Freitas


Nelson Kon


The house is organized by a longitudinal circulation block that defines its settling on the plot: a 3 meters wide by 45 meters long concrete structure working as a beam. This volume, closed to the street and open to the site, houses the service areas and a gently sloped ramp, linking spaces at the mid-levels that accommodate the house to the ground slope. These different plans are organized into two blocks – bedrooms and living – that, added to the longitudinal block, define a central void, opened to the landscape, where both meeting and living activities converge. The presence of water brings life to this central square: a pool with concrete walls and the same flooring as the exterior areas, as an extension of the living floor.


Located in a closed, non-urban neighborhood, characterized by extensive lots and remote houses, this block layout creates a kind of inner neighborhood, where it is possible to see and be seen, appeasing the feeling of solitude and isolation typical of these neighborhoods.


The concrete structure is organized and shaped according to the main characteristic of each block. In the volume containing the bedrooms, structural walls enclose the spaces that are by necessity more private, while in the living block, two slabs supported by alternating pillars and steel rods define a space almost entirely open the surrounding landscape. The structure of the longitudinal block admits a mixed solution: steel ramps hanged and fixed to the concrete beam that is, in the end, the main facade of the house. From the street, hardly any house at all.

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